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Buying a home is the largest purchase and most significant decision you will ever make. It is my desire to make this journey enjoyable and informative for you. As a full-time Realtor and with the experience of 17 years in the business, the very first thing we need to do together is have you speak with a mortgage specialist in order that we may begin our journey looking for the homes in the price range you are qualified for or in the monthly price range you want to stay in. Also, there are different types of loans a buyer can be approved for such as a FHA loan with little money down; a USDA loan with 100% financing available if the home is located in an approved area; a conventional loan, VA loan, etc. 

Buying a home creates "Building Equity". Writing a check to the landlord is equivalent to lining their pocket with your potential equity. It is money you never get back! Each and every mortgage payment you make is going towards "Home Equity". The meaning of "Home Equity" is the difference between what you owe and what the value of the home is. Also, did you know that there are Tax Breaks as Uncle Sam likes homeowners! You can deduct the interest you pay each year, cost of property taxes and even making energy-efficient upgrades can be tax deductible.

Call me today at 423-748-7352 to begin our journey together in finding the right home for you!

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